1912: Only Midnight Game in the World

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No One Can Rightly Call Himself a Sourdough Unless He Has Witnessed This Famous Sporting Feature Tonight’s Contests Between the Eagles and Van Dycks Starts at 11 P.M.

June 21, 1912, Daily News-Miner

In none of the lists of the things that a cheechaco must do before he can become a sourdough is anything said about a midnight ball game, but this is certainly an oversight, for unless the Northerner has sat through the midnight ball game of the night of June 21st he has missed one of the sights of the territory, and should at once figure on journeying to Fairbanks to take in the next one.  Then and only then only will he be entitled to call himself a real sourdough.

At no other place in the North or in the world, in fact, is a midnight ball game played and always there has been light enough to put up a very fair game.  In fact, some of the hardest fought games discussed by the fans are matches that have been pulled off when the sun was sinking along just under the hills that stand to the north of Fairbanks.

Tonight’s game will be trebly interesting, for not only is it the annual function of the baseballists which many religiously attend, if they never see another game during the entire year, but it marks also the opening of Exposition Park to a baseball-hungry public and the first game which the newly strengthened Van Dyck and Eagle nines have played in more than a month.

Wagner and Carruthers are two new players that will be wearing a Fairbanks uniform for the first time this evening, while Louberger and Conway will be playing their first game with the Eagle nine.

The match tonight will begin at 11 o’clock, which will allow half an hour for the crowd to march up from Front Street, where the carnival exercises will have been in progress.  During the contest a pause will be made to allow the photographing of the teams, as is the custom, while at an appropriate interval a few words will be spoken dedicating the new Exposition Park.

Tonight’s lineup follows:

Van Dycks – Stroecker, p; Myers, c; Koon, 1b; Wagner, 2b; Wood, ss; Bennett 3b; Kennedy, Taylor, Carruthers, Cathcart, field.

Eagles – Louberger and Buckley, p; Douse, c; Conway, 1b; Geis, 2b; Pauli, ss; Green, 3b; Hardin, lf; Hamilton, cf; Goodman, rf.

June 21, 1912, Daily News-Miner

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