1965: Mayor Brewington Proclamation

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Darrell  V. Brewington, Fairbanks Mayor

WHEREAS,  the University of Southern California has one of the outstanding baseball teams of the season; and

WHEREAS, the University of Southern California  Baseball Club and its members demonstrate sportsmanship and physical fitness at its finest; and

WHEREAS,  the City of Fairbanks will welcome the  University of Southern California Baseball Team in the Golden Heart City; and

WHEREAS,   the University of Southern California will meet our Alaska Goldpanners at Growden Memorial Park for the annual Midnight Sun Game on June 21;

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS FORMALLY PROCLAIMED by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Fairbanks, Alaska, that the week of June 14-21, 1965 is hereby declared to be University of Southern California Days in the City of Fairbanks.

Darrell V. Brewington, Mayor

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