2007: Documentary crew set to return to ABL

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Documentary crew set to return to ABL

Touching the Game, LLC, the film company producing the first full-length documentary on the Alaska Baseball League and it’s history, will be returning this summer to shoot some additional footage, with the HD film expected to be released in the summer of 2008. A short trailer for the film, put together from material shot last summer is now available for viewing on www.touchingthegame.com. The website also contains additional information on the film, and a video on the 2006 Midnight Sun Game.

“Last summer, we shot about 70 hours of great Alaska Baseball League action, plus numerous historical interviews with the people who have been part of the ABL for years. Guys like Red Boucher, Don Dennis, and Lefty Van Brunt, the stories have been tremendous”, said Jim Carroll, the film’s co-producer.

The crew also plans to interview some of the many former ABL players who have made it to the Major Leagues, and in some cases, the Hall of Fame. “Guys like Seaver, Winfield, McGwire, Johnson, they all have stories to tell about their summers in Alaska, we plan to interview as many as we can.” said Carroll.

This year, the crew will be in Anchorage, Palmer, and Fairbanks from 6/28 to 7/6. “There’s a few things we weren’t able to get the last time-around,’ said co-producer Anthony Keel, “and we want to experience 4th of July in Anchorage when the Bucs-Pilots rivalry is at it’s peak. Plus, we have some human interest threads still to follow.”

Touching the Game, LLC is made up of Jim Carroll and Peter Frechette from Fields of Vision and Anthony Keel and Eric Scharmer of Eye Candy Cinema. The two production companies came together three years ago to produce “Touching The Game, The Story of the Cape Cod Baseball League”. The critically acclaimed full-length documentary aired nationally on WGN, and has sold close to 10,000 dvds. The success of that film brought the crew to Alaska. “After the Cape League film came out, everyone started telling us to go check out the baseball in Alaska.” said Carroll. “We fell in love with what we saw.”

For more info please visit www.touchingthegame.com

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