2005: ESPN at the Midnight Sun game

By Jim Caple

FAIRBANKS, Alaska – The Midnight Sun game is like most baseball games -except here the shadows are still creeping across the infield at close to 11 p.m.

“Nobody here knows if the lights have ever been turned on or not,” Alaska Goldpanners manager Ed Cheff said, squinting through the golden sunlight at the light towers at Growden Park. “The rumor is that they might not even work. I know they’ve never been on in the four years I’ve been here. You talk to the locals about the lights and they just laugh and say, ‘Yeah, we don’t know about them, either.'” Continue reading “2005: ESPN at the Midnight Sun game”

2005: Fans flock to annual classic


The 100th anniversary Midnight Sun Baseball Game brought out thousands and thousands of die-hard baseball fans and sun worshippers Tuesday night.

But perhaps no fan made more of a sacrifice to be at the famous baseball game–the only game in the world to be played at midnight with no artificial lights–than Crieghton Beshears of Fairbanks.

“We made him take an extra long nap today,” the 3-year-old’s father, Rick Beshears, said. Continue reading “2005: Fans flock to annual classic”

2005: Timmons finds his place in baseball history at Cooperstown


EVERY BALLPLAYER dreams of making it to Cooperstown, where baseball preserves its past.

For Fairbanksan Sean Timmons, who started pitching in North Star Little League more than 20 years ago on fields carefully tended by the late Ken Rankin, the dream has come true.

His jersey and his Alaska Goldpanners hat are now part of a collection that includes nearly 35,000 items spanning the history of the game. Continue reading “2005: Timmons finds his place in baseball history at Cooperstown”

ESPN : Midnight Sun Game is #8 Ultimate Baseball Experience

Editor’s Note: Jim Caple couldn’t boil his lifetime of baseball experiences down to just 10, so the first installment of the “Travel Top Ten” goes into extra innings.

The ultimate baseball experience is sitting behind home plate while your favorite team scores the winning run in Game 7 of the World Series. But you can’t count on that happening very often – especially if you live in Cleveland. Still, here are 10 “Don’t Miss” baseball experiences that are always available for the perfect road swing. Continue reading “ESPN : Midnight Sun Game is #8 Ultimate Baseball Experience”

2005: Amy and Eros Travel Blog

It’s all about the darkness from here on out.

What? You didn’t know that yesterday was the summer solstice? There wasn’t a festival down there in the lower 48? Ha. You people are missing out. Lucky for me and Eros, our day off happened to be on this most blessed of days. After a very long and slightly traumatizing week (for me, anyway), it was fabulous to have a day to ourselves again. We stole some bikes from the program and rode around town, rummaged through an antique store, saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Eros liked it, I thought it a bit lame), showered, and started the midnight sun festivities. Fairbanks has a big festival that goes until midnight, right in the downtown area on the Chena River. Continue reading “2005: Amy and Eros Travel Blog”

2001: Midnight Tee Part (AAA Magazine)

By Jack McCallum
VIA Online – The AAA Traveler’s Companion

Follow the sun to the links of Fairbanks, where tee time is any time of the day or night.

Pulling his golf cart behind him, John Burns spreads his arms and lifts his face to the skies. “Beautiful golf weather, eh?” he says to his playing partner, who happens to be me. “Let’s get going.” Well, there you are: another billing-you-by-the-hour lawyer out smacking drives and stroking putts in the middle of the week when he should be hunkered down at his desk figuring out your next tax dodge. Except Burns has already put in an eight-hour day, and, further, in just six hours he’ll be getting up to put in another. Continue reading “2001: Midnight Tee Part (AAA Magazine)”

2005: Summer in Alaska Proves Rejuvenating


‘I guess I found a love for the game again,’ senior LSU outfielder Quinn Stewart said during the Tigers’ first week of practice last week. Stewart regained confidence playing for the Fairbanks Goldpanners in the Alaska Baseball League last summer.

Quinn Stewart doubles down the left-field line and stands at second base, smiling in the sun on an afternoon that, with a stiff north wind, feels colder than its high of 63 degrees. Continue reading “2005: Summer in Alaska Proves Rejuvenating”

2005: Awards and Dignitaries

The 2005 Midnight Sun Game was destined for greatness, due to its place as the centennial celebration.  On hand for the 100th playing of the game was the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, represented by Boston Red Sox legend Bobby Doerr. no less a figure than Bill “Spaceman” Lee was on hand to participate.   A number of other dignitaries and awardees were on hand.  Listed below is a growing list of those present at the historic event. Continue reading “2005: Awards and Dignitaries”