1914: Big Battle at Exposition Park

Teams Are Ready for the Big Battle at Exposition Park.

Both Sides Confident of Victory – Van Dycks Slightly Favorites

June 20, 1914, Daily News-Miner

Tomorrow night at 11 o’clock when the Van Dycks and Marquettes line up on the diamond at Exposition park for the annual midnight game, there is going to be a battle royal.   The only place on earth where a midnight ball game is played is right here in the little old town of Fairbanks in the heart of Alaska, half of degree south of the Arctic circle.  The custom originated here many years ago and is faithfully observed.

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1912: Only Midnight Game in the World


No One Can Rightly Call Himself a Sourdough Unless He Has Witnessed This Famous Sporting Feature Tonight’s Contests Between the Eagles and Van Dycks Starts at 11 P.M.

June 21, 1912, Daily News-Miner

In none of the lists of the things that a cheechaco must do before he can become a sourdough is anything said about a midnight ball game, but this is certainly an oversight, for unless the Northerner has sat through the midnight ball game of the night of June 21st he has missed one of the sights of the territory, and should at once figure on journeying to Fairbanks to take in the next one.  Then and only then only will he be entitled to call himself a real sourdough.

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1910: Midnight Game Won by Athletic Team


Large Crowd Present to Witness the Annual Baseball Novelty — No Clouds to Obscure the Light But Weather Was Too Cool For Fast Work — Score 11 to 8

June 22, 1910, Daily News-Miner

In the presence of one of the largest crowds seen at the park this season, the Athletics last night defeated their rivals, the Californias, by a score of 11 to 8, making the games two all that have been won by the respective nines this season.

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1908: From Twilight to Dawn

1908 Midnight Sun Game

Only Country in World Where Play Continues From Twilight to Dawn.

June 21, 1908, Daily News

At 11 o’clock tonight the big annual midnight game will be called, between the A.B. team and the N.C. team.  This will be the last game for the players to score before the team the chamber of commerce will send to the outside to advertise the Tanana is picked.

The midnight game is something that is never seen by any other than Alaska Fans.  There will be pictures of the game taken at 12 o’clock by Mr. Johnson.  These photographs will be used by the baseball boys as an advertisement for Alaska on their trip to the states.

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