2005: Sean Timmons enters Cooperstown

Alaskan native participates in 100th “Midnight Sun” game; jersey, cap heads to Hall of Fame

SAVANNAH, Ga.  Sean Timmons has made a name for himself in the Alaskan Baseball League over the last nine years, after finishing his playing career at Armstrong Atlantic in 1998. A reliever for two seasons for the Pirates, Timmons pitched in 42 games and compiled a 10-2 record with a 3.85 ERA in 121.2 innings pitched and continued to live and work in the Savannah area after his collegiate playing days were done. Continue reading “2005: Sean Timmons enters Cooperstown”

2005: Fans flock to annual classic


The 100th anniversary Midnight Sun Baseball Game brought out thousands and thousands of die-hard baseball fans and sun worshippers Tuesday night.

But perhaps no fan made more of a sacrifice to be at the famous baseball game–the only game in the world to be played at midnight with no artificial lights–than Crieghton Beshears of Fairbanks.

“We made him take an extra long nap today,” the 3-year-old’s father, Rick Beshears, said. Continue reading “2005: Fans flock to annual classic”

2006: Midnight Games (Sporting News)

By Sean Deveney
The SportingNews

Fairbanks, Alaska, requires toughness. Living on the 65th parallel, you don’t exactly spend time thinking about how the petunias are coming along. The average high temperature in January is 2-below. Extension cords dangle out of car grills, and most parking spaces are equipped with electrical outlets. That’s because if you parked for a few hours during an Alaska winter without plugging in, your engine would become an Ice Pop.

Mother Nature hung a Keep Out sign here, and most of humanity listened. The population of Fairbanks, Alaska’s third-largest city, is 30,000. That’s a couple of city blocks in midtown Manhattan. But there’s evidence that Alaskans are not daft. After all, even here, they find ways to play baseball. Continue reading “2006: Midnight Games (Sporting News)”

2005: Amy and Eros Travel Blog

It’s all about the darkness from here on out.

What? You didn’t know that yesterday was the summer solstice? There wasn’t a festival down there in the lower 48? Ha. You people are missing out. Lucky for me and Eros, our day off happened to be on this most blessed of days. After a very long and slightly traumatizing week (for me, anyway), it was fabulous to have a day to ourselves again. We stole some bikes from the program and rode around town, rummaged through an antique store, saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Eros liked it, I thought it a bit lame), showered, and started the midnight sun festivities. Fairbanks has a big festival that goes until midnight, right in the downtown area on the Chena River. Continue reading “2005: Amy and Eros Travel Blog”